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#et.tourney III written by fanatic-, 2012-08-30 15:05 CEST (0 comments)

It's the time for a next (probably the last) edition of #et.tourney tournament. This time it will be a 6v6 One Day Cup with Single Elimination Bracket that will be held on this Sunday - 02.09.2012! The main goal of this cup is to check teams' shape just before upcoming Clanbase Fall Season. So if you are planning to take part in this EuroCup/OpenCup, sign-up to this cup and show your performance!

Signups Open: NOW SIGNUP LINK [et-tourney.tourney.cc]
Signups Close: 19:30, 02.09.2012
Check In: 19:30 - 19:55, 02.09.2012
Cup Starts: 20:00, 02.09.2012
1st Round: supply
2nd Round: sw_goldrush_te
3rd Round: radar
4th Round: Coin Toss and eliminate from the mappool to get a map
Final: both teams pick one map

Maplist: supply sw_goldrush_te radar adlernest bremen_b3 frostbite

Simple Rules
6on6 Format
TZAC forced for all participants.
TZAC bans & CB bans not allowed.
Admin may refuse a player if there is a suspicion about his account or the past.
Single Elimination Brackets
Matches are BO1. (Decider - in case of double fullhold = Frostbite)
Quarter/Semi/Final on ETTV.

If you want to complain about your opponent (cheater in the lineup, unfair behavior, some other thing) you do this before a game starts. Complaints will not be accepted after the game.

At least one member must idle #et.tourney irc channel.

I encourage all teams who want to present their shape & attitude before upcoming EC/OC season to take part in this tournament! You think that you deserve a spot in next EC? Prove it!
Prizes: TS3 Voice Server for 1-2 months
TS3 Voice Server for 1-2 months

So do not wait and sign-up as soon as possible! SIGNUP LINK [et-tourney.tourney.cc] . Remember to query me before a cup with your lineup if you want to have a good seed.

#et.tourney Season II Winners

1st Division
/ BDSM/Team Decerto

2nd Division

3rd Division
Mysterious Monkeys
nhncd v2

4th Division

5th Division
Prove it
House Collective

If you still didn't receive your prize, contact me through Crossfire pm.

et.tourney.tourney.cc [et-tourney.tourney.cc]

The End! written by fanatic-, 2012-05-04 16:24 CEST (3 comments)

After almost two months of struggle I am finally proud to announce that #et.tourney - 6on6 Enemy Territory Tournament hosted by me - has finally come to the end. 48 participants at the beginning had competed in group stage (six divisions, 2 groups each) and two best teams of each group proceeded to the final stage - playoffs. A lot of games have been played, we have been able to watch few great and thrilling games. I would like to thank all teams and players that have managed to play their all matches. Thanks for any feedback and help. I hope that everyone enjoyed tournament. Hopefully the next edition will happen soon. To check final standings go to further part of the newspost.

Final Standings

1st League
Finlantic 6
Nothing But Skillz
Team NL

2nd League

3rd League
Lost Soldiers

4th League

4th League Grand Final will take place on this Sunday!

5th League
Ita Death Squad
national 0wners

6th League
Alpha Males

Congratulations to all winners!

#et.tourney main page [et-tourney.tourney.cc]

#et.tourney groups [et-tourney.tourney.cc]

1st League [challonge.com]
2nd League [challonge.com]
3rd League [challonge.com]
4th League [challonge.com]
5th League [challonge.com]
6th League [challonge.com]

#et.tourney at gamestv [gamestv.org]


Playoffs online! written by fanatic-, 2012-04-02 00:23 CEST (0 comments)

After almost 3 weeks of struggle I can finally announce playoffs of #et.tourney Enemy Territory tournament. You can check the final results of group stage here [et-tourney.tourney.cc]. Congratulations to all teams that have made it to the playoffs and thanks to everyone who took part in this cup but couldn't manage to get out of the groups. I hope you enjoyed your games and it forced you to play a little bit more. Let's take a look at playoffs trees.

1st Division:
  • Finlantic6
  • Sleeperz

  • NBS
  • Team NL

1st Division Brackets [challonge.com]

2nd Division:
  • Pharaons
  • Delinquentes

  • ceWEge
  • mkidA

2nd Division Brackets [challonge.com]

3rd Division:
  • Lost Soldiers
  • Anarchy eSports

  • inSpiron
  • Devastation

3rd Division Brackets [challonge.com]

4th Division:
  • wnbpro
  • happyface

  • exorcists
  • Vae Victis

4th Division Brackets [challonge.com]

5th Division:
  • symbole
  • iabg

  • national 0wners
  • Ita Death Squad

5th Division Brackets [challonge.com]

6th Division:
  • Vination
  • nhncd

  • tryout
  • Alpha Males

6th Division Brackets [challonge.com]

Playoffs stage rules:
  • You are allowed to use 1 new player that have previously played in other team in this tournament.
  • Matches are BO3. (Decider = Coin toss etc - CB Rules)
  • Single Elimination: Semi-Finals and then Grand Final & Bronze Final only.
  • Maps choice: free choice.
  • All matches will be on ETTV.

  • Signups Opened: 3 March (Saturday)
  • Signups Closed: 11 March (Sunday)
  • Groups Created: 11 March (Sunday)
  • 1st Group Round: 11 - 18 March | supply & adlernest | (Sunday-Sunday)
  • 2nd Group Round: 19 - 23 March | radar & bremen_b3 | (Monday-Friday)
  • 3rd Group Round: 25 - 29 March | sw_goldrush & missile_b4 | (Sunday-Thursday)
  • Playoffs: 1 - 8 April | free choice | (Sunday-Sunday)

  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
  • radar
  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • missile_b4

#et.tourney site [et-tourney.tourney.cc]
Groups [et-tourney.tourney.cc]

If you have any questions, contact me through Crossfire Private Message or IRC.
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