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MATCHES IN GENERAL written by fanatic-, 2012-03-14 21:27 CET (1 comments)

I was supposed to force games after each matchweek on last/next day BUT I came to a great idea (hehe) that I won't do this actually!

3rd Matchweek ends on 27 March and if I don't have all scores (you don't need to give me score if your match is played on gamestv, I check gtv often) given, I will just add double forfeits/draws as scores :)

So basically, you are allowed to play your 1st matchweeks games on another matchweek (remember about playing proper maps), but you have to play all 3 games before 27th of March!

Cheers and GL & HF
#1 written by Anonymous (Jessica), 7 years, 9 months ago
trash can be made into weapons, hetlah packs, etc. you can also craft ammo and make extras for weapons like scopes, etc. There is also the ability to cook if you have the recipe, the game is harder than FO3 and finally, there are now magazines´╗┐ that give you temporary buffs.
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